Rain Barrels

Who would think that making use of a few simple could save you money every year? The resources of your Planet are going scarcer every year, and people from all around the world are getting more and more conscious about the importance of being Eco-friendly as much as possible. Rain is a natural, pure resource that, if harvested, can be used for so many purposes in and outside your household. Drought is a problem in several areas of the US, and instead of using household water in order to irrigate the lawn or to wash your car, a much more sustainable option is to make use of the free and natural resource called rainwater.

Procuring these rain barrels does not require a huge investment. With a tiny effort and investment from your part, you will have constant access to fresh and clean water that you can use for virtually everything. Such an irrigation system will bring you plenty of benefits in the long run, not to mention the amount of money you are going to save every year. Water is vital all beings, and by becoming ecologically conscious, you will directly contribute to saving the Earth’s most precious resource, and make it a better place to live.
Advantages of using rain barrels

The water will be available at all times
You can directly control the quality of the water. There are several filter types that you can use in order to get clean, fresh and chemical-free water
Even if storms or disasters occur, you will still have access to your own pool of water
By placing these rain barrels near the outside walls of your home, you will create a natural cooling system for the entire building.
Filtered rainwater is extremely healthy for people who have a weakened immune system, or those who, due to health complications, need to stay on a sodium free diet.Rain Barrels
Water prices are on a continuous rise – but you do not have to pay anything for the fresh, cool and natural water harvested through your own irrigation system
You can obtain 100% potable water, which can be used within your household for bathing, cooking and drinking. The water is excellent for the laundry too, because it successfully reduces the need for bleach and detergent use.
The water collected in rainwater barrels is perfect for landscape irrigation and as drinking water for your livestock as well.

For decades, people living in areas where the groundwater is contaminated or scarce, and where the water is too hard, have used even simple barrels outside their houses in order to collect water. However, now the technology has advanced a lot and the general mentality of the people has changed and now you can find on the market some very complex rainwater barrels and irrigation systems.

What is it that makes rainwater harvesting such a popular solution nowadays?

Firstly, rainwater is a 100% pure, and it does not contain dissolved minerals. Then, the water does not contain any pesticides or contaminants, which pose a direct threat to both human and animal health. Rainwater is also free of chlorine and other chemicals, which are quite harmful, as you may already know.
Rain barrels and rainwater harvesting facts from around the world:

- In the Virgin Islands and the Bermuda there is a special law according to which all newly constructed buildings must be equipped with a rainwater harvesting system.

- In Brazil, millions of people in the rural areas use rain barrels in order to harvest rainwater and then use it as irrigation systems for agriculture or for providing drinking water for livestock.

- In Beijing, plenty of households have rainwater added to their regular water supplies. The rainwater is first filtered properly, to eliminate all potentially dangerous sources of germs and bacteria.

- In order to avoid groundwater depletion, all the buildings in Tamil Nadu (India) are required to have a rainwater harvesting system, using the typical rain barrel or other types of harvesting units.

Rainwater harvesting is an ancient method of collecting water for household and other uses. For several hundreds of years, this practice has been totally forgotten, but now, in the past few several years, this practice has been revived. There are also plenty of purification systems available, which will cleanse the rainwater properly, and make it suitable for human consumption. Some of these methods include filtration, ozone or UV light treatments. In addition, the modern rain barrels are equipped with pressure tanks and a pump system in order to distribute the water economically and practically.

Start being ecologically conscious today and start using rain barrels – you have nothing to lose, but so much to gain!

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